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OCDE identifica 6 áreas a melhorar nos Serviços Públicos de Emprego

wapesThe six areas where the PES could do more include identification, orientation, profiling, verification, matching, and training. Each area is described in more detail below.
Skill identification at the labor market level (developing and managing labor market information): Changes in labor market dynamics have prompted an expansion of the labor information role toward introducing tools to assess imbalances between skill supply and demand.
Skill orientation (making information on skills available): The new labor market dynamics call for a life-cycle approach to careers guidance.
Skill profiling (identifying an individual’s skills, including soft skills and skills acquired through nonformal learning): Changing labor market demands and the reality of an increasing number of transitions through peoples’ lifetimes have drawn attention to the need for profiling to identify transferable skills.
Skill verification: The process of verifying skills is moving away from validating qualifications obtained through formal learning processes with diplomas toward validating qualifications obtained through nonformal learning methods. Public employment services need to develop competences and better link to existing skills evaluation and certification services.
Skill matching (matching job seekers and vacancies by incorporating information on peoples’ skills): Public employment services need to be able to better match jobseekers to appropriate jobs while eliminating labour market barriers such as a lack of employability (i.e., work readiness).
Skills development: Training is becoming an increasingly important responsibility for public employment services, which also have the potential to become a gateway for life-long learning.
In “World Association of Public Employment Services (WAPES)


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