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3 mitos sobre felicidade no trabalho

mitos3Myth: more money will make me happier
“Our perceptions of pay are relative to what other people are making,” says research psychologist Dr Ronald Riggio. “So even if you are paid a lot – think professional athlete – if you find out a similar other, say another athlete, is making more than you, it can lead to dissatisfaction and unhappiness regardless of the amount you are making.”
Myth: more holidays will make me happier
More time off will only help if being at work makes you miserable. “If you really love your work, offering less time at work obviously won’t make you happy. If you don’t like your job, then it might,” says Riggio.
Myth: changing job or getting a promotion will make me happier
According to research, simply changing jobs won’t make you happier. Psychologists tracked high-level managers for five years and measured their work satisfaction before and after changing job or being promoted.
In “Three things you think will make you happier at work (but won’t)


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