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Eles não sabem, nem sonham, que o sonho comanda a vida, António Gedeão

A Alemanha precisa de 6 milhões de trabalhadores nos próximos 15 anos, mas apenas 3,5% das ofertas de emprego são em empresas que falam inglês

youth unemploymentHalf of young Spaniards and Greeks are without a job. A quarter of French and Italian young professionals have no work. They are the best educated generation ever – but they have no opportunity to transform their knowledge into skills.
At the same time Northern countries desperately need young professionals to replace the huge number of retiring baby boomers. Germany alone will need six million professionals  in the next 15 years. At this very moment there are 540,000 open positions. But guess what? Only 3.5% of these jobs are offered in English. It equates to 19,000 English job offers for 1.2 million immigrants per year. The result: you compete with hundreds of candidates even for the simplest jobs in any English speaking company.
At the same time there are roughly 3 million German companies who have trouble attracting applicants. They want to hire foreigners – but they can’t let go of the idea that they’ll find someone who already speaks fluent German. In fact, less than 2% of the world population speaks German. These companies might as well be after a unicorn.
Which brings us to the solution. When there are millions of jobs in Northern Europe and millions of job seekers in the South – bring them together!
In “English Everywhere!


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