A Minha Carreira

Eles não sabem, nem sonham, que o sonho comanda a vida, António Gedeão

Em 2012, Portugal gastou apenas 21,6% do orçamento das Políticas de Emprego em Medidas Ativas de Emprego e 78,4% em Medidas Passivas


Expenditure on “supports” represents more than 50% of all the expenditure for 19 out of 25 Member States. Nevertheless, when looking at expenditure across the three types of interventions, one can see two different groups across EU. The first group, the largest group, is composed of Member States which have experienced high levels of unemployment in recent years and which show a high share of expenditure on “supports”. Portugal, Spain, Ireland and Slovenia who have been hit harder by the crisis all have shares higher than 70%. Portugal and Spain, followed by Ireland and Slovenia, still register high unemployment rates, a fact that may also explain the high share seen by Italy. Interestingly, Belgium also records a spending share higher than 70% though with a lower unemployment rate than the others.

In “Analytical Web Note 1/2015 – A descriptive analysis of the EU Labour Market Policy (LMP)” Statistics (2015)

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