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Na UE apenas 73% dos desempregados de longa duração estão registados

social agenda41The first step is to encourage their registration with an employment service, as only 73 % of the long-term unemployed people in the EU are registered – a rate which plummets below 50 % in several countries. First and foremost, the aim is to build up trust: trust that employment services can actually offer a clear perspective of a labour market integration pathway, tailored to individual needs. And here comes the second step: the Commission proposes that EU countries put in place in-depth individual assessments for the long-term unemployed between twelve and eighteen months of unemployment. The outcome of these enhanced assessments should lead to counselling and guidance based on the person’s job search history and evolving employment barriers. Such an assessment would be a novelty for most EU countries, where individual assessments are only regularly carried out for newly unemployed people.

In “Social Agenda N°42 – Long term unemployment” (30/10/2015)

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