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59% dos jovens dos 18 aos 35 anos, de 27 estados membros da UE, não receberam nenhuma remuneração nos estágios que fizeram

estagios freeWhat is even more worrying for young workers is that this job experience is often pro bono: a 2013 EU report found that 59% of 18- to 35-year-olds across 27 EU member states hadn’t received any financial compensation for their most recent internship.

The US has also seen a rise in unpaid internships over the past decade, according to Ross Perlin, author of Intern Nation. He estimates up to half of these are unpaid, though unlike in Europe many are part of university curricula or organised summer programmes for those still in the midst of their studies.

“Record rates of youth unemployment have been directly correlated with the rise of unpaid internships, which replace jobs and drive inequality,” Perlin said in an email. “Not only does the practice allow companies to get graduates’ skills on the cheap, it gives those who can afford to work for free an unfair advantage over their less well-off peers.”

In “Meet the new forever interns


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