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O papel de um Orientador de Carreira no Reino Unido

prospectsThe work of a careers adviser varies depending on the type of organisation they work in. Those contracted to work in a schools will deal with different issues to those who work in colleges or job or community centres. The variety of work that can be carried out includes:
– interviewing people one to one or in small groups to discuss career or education options;
– identifying skills gaps and how to deal with them;
– helping young people to draw up action plans for employment, education and training and supporting them to achieve these goals;
– researching careers, options and support organisations to meet people’s needs;
– advising people on how to source relevant training courses or qualifications and what funding might be available;
– providing advice on CV, applications, job hunting and interview techniques;
– running small group sessions or larger presentations on all aspects of careers work and topics related to personal development;
– helping people to understand the current job market;
– liaising and negotiating with other organisations on behalf of people;
– using IT for administrative tasks, such as recording interactions with and tracking clients;
– using computer-aided guidance packages, skills assessment tools, career planners, psychometric tests and personal inventories;
– writing careers literature or sourcing information products from elsewhere for use within the service;
– planning and organising careers fairs and conventions;
– keeping up to date with labour market information, legislation, and professional and academic developments by visiting employers, training providers and training events run by educational and professional bodies;
– managing a caseload of clients.
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2 thoughts on “O papel de um Orientador de Carreira no Reino Unido

  1. Onde posso encontrar uma listagem de conselheiros de carreira em portugal?

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