A Minha Carreira

Eles não sabem, nem sonham, que o sonho comanda a vida, António Gedeão

A ideia de que se pode planear e controlar a carreira num mundo caótico é um mito

lrindexIt may be tempting to assume that Chaos Theory eradicates the possibility of career development as a life skill. But in contrast Pryor and Bright’s theory turns out to be very practical. They move the practical side of career development from prediction and control to living well with uncertainty.
Pryor and Bright identify a range of ideas for what career development looks like from the perspective of Chaos Theory but we are going to look at just one of these here. The Luck Readiness Index (LRI). Luck readiness is defined by Pryor and Bright as “…recognizing, creating, utilizing and adapting to opportunities and outcomes occasioned by chance.” It is an index of eight attitudes described below. The aim is to describe a type of person who can deal with uncertainty and chaos.
Flexibility– Prepared for and ready to respond to change, does not find it hard to alter thinking or behaviour, not threatened by the unfamiliar, adaptable.
Optimism– Sees opportunities rather than problems, takes the best out all situations, hopeful, open to new experiences.
Risk– Confident to make decisions on the face of change, recognises but is not deterred by chance of failure, not dominated by fear
Curiosity– Explores and seeks new knowledge and experiences, disciplined in efforts to learn, learns from study and others.
Persistence– Able to endure boredom and failure, obstacles not seen as discouragement, confident and tenacious in seeking their goals.
Strategy– Seeks out opportunities to improve chance of reaching their goals, believes chance can be both influenced and expected, plans ways to win no matter what the situation.
Efficacy– Believes that luck, circumstances, problems and others need not determine their destiny, seeks to take control of their lives, focuses on opportunities and what they can control.
Luckiness– Believes or expects to be lucky.
In “The Chaos Theory of Careers


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