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Portugal tem a 6ª taxa de auto-emprego mais elevada da Europa


Just under 14 per cent of workers in the European countries we studied are selfemployed. The economies of southern and eastern Europe have the greatest share of self-employed workers, with the highest rate occurring in Greece, where over 30 per cent of workers are self-employed. Greece, Italy, Poland and Spain have traditionally had a high proportion of self-employed workers, due to the prominence of agricultural, service-based and informal work in these countries. Self-employment can also represent a route out of unemployment in countries with poor labour market conditions (EEOR 2010). At the other end of the spectrum, northern European countries – including Norway, Estonia, Denmark and Sweden – have the lowest proportion of self-employed workers. Packard et al (2012) suggest that countries with more active labour market policies have a lower incidence of informal work, which may be one of the reasons why self-employment is lower in northern and western European countries.

In “Self-employment in Europe


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