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Check-list para os estudantes do ensino superior analisarem o seu perfil no LinkedIn

linkedin perfil

Aceder “LinkedIn Profile Checklist


As duas formas de cálculo que o Eurostat utiliza para medir o desemprego jovem na Europa

eurostat jovemMITH 1: Nearly one in four young people in the EU is looking for work and can’t find it.

REALITY: As in the U.S., the unemployment rate counts the unemployed as a share of only those who are in the labor force. It thereby excludes 15- to 24-year-olds who are enrolled in school or in training programs and therefore not looking for work. According to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, only 12.6 percent of EU residents aged 15-24 are neither working nor studying, and not all of those are looking for jobs.

A more realistic measure may be the “youth unemployment ratio” developed by EU statistics agency Eurostat. It looks at the entire population of 15- to 24-year-olds, and determines how many of them are looking for work but can’t find it. EU-wide, that figure last year was 9.7 percent, which is a problem but still far below the widely reported 23.2 percent youth unemployment rate.

In “Five Myths About Europe’s Youth Unemployment Crisis

Ler “Definition of youth unemployment” Eurostat

Os trabalhadores estão a dar mais ênfase às recompensas intrínsecas do que às condições salariais

bcg network1

Aceder ao Estudo do BCG – Boston Consulting Group e The Network:

Decoding Global Talent – Job Preferences: The Growing Importance of “Softer” Factors

Apenas 0,003% do orçamento anual da UE foi gasto para combater o desemprego jovem

youth unemployment5

Ver “What EU has spent so far to combat Youth Unemployment?

No 2º trimestre de 2014 a Alemanha tinha a taxa de vagas de emprego mais alta da UE

taxa vagas emprego

Ver “Os países da UE com mais vagas para trabalho


Torne-se o CEO da sua Carreira

10 Competências mais importantes em 2020


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Como escrever uma Carta de Apresentação inovadora

Indeed, um motor de pesquisa para procurar Emprego em Portugal e no Mundo


8 indicadores para avaliar os serviços de orientação de carreira nas escolas


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