A Minha Carreira

Eles não sabem, nem sonham, que o sonho comanda a vida, António Gedeão

Rodeie-se de pessoas apaixonadas

passionate peopleSome things to keep in mind:
1. Relationships give you permission to tell your story and have your dreams come alive.
2. Ask someone to tell their story.
3. Be genuine and vulnerable – Get deep.
4. Walk into a room and see friends not strangers.
5. Be a host at your own party.
6. Be a host at everyone else’s party.
7. Fire people who don’t contribute to the dream.
8. Repair bad connections.
9. Choose to care about someone.
10. Spend routine quality time.
11. Find your things in town – Your ‘tribe’.
In “Rule #1: Surround Yourself with Passionate People


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